Services to international corporate and real estate customers.

The free movement of persons within the European Community, the special value of Italy’s industrial, craft, artistic, cultural and landscape heritage, and, in general, the globalization of processes have made Italy a reference destination for foreign investors, highlighting the need to overcome, for international customers, the difficulties due to language, the proper implementation of bureaucratic requirements and the specificities of Italian legislation.

Thanks to the territorial know-how, the multidisciplinary and linguistic skills and the collaboration with highly qualified partners, the Firm supports international customers in the management of the complexities related to an investment in the Italian territory, whether it is aimed at starting and managing a business or purchase a property.


The Firm provides international customers with advice on real estate acquisitions from the preliminary stage of notarial and technical due diligence until the conclusion of the purchase deed, ensuring that the acquisition of the real estate asset complies with all legal requirements and in line with the concrete will of the buyer. The Firm also provides a primary standing support to international customers during the entire process of acquiring a property in Italy, whether it is an investment or that the property is intended for residential purposes, dealing with all the procedures, obligations and bureaucratic issues that characterize the purchasing process.

The real estate due diligence

To ensure that the purchase of a property is safe and reliable, before proceeding to purchase it is advisable to carry out a property due diligence, both in terms of notary and technical. The Firm supports international customers in the execution of the property due diligence according to the highest standards, ensuring the compliance of the purchased property with all legal requirements.

Mortgage and cadastral due diligence and legal support

This activity includes a complete analysis of all the administrative and bureaucratic issues related to the property. It is carried out by checking the cadastral and mortgage regularity of the property at the Public Registers and the presence of any restrictions on the asset, verifying cadastral documents and mortgage formalities, and providing international customers with a suitable and effective support, including legal – with the assistance of partners belonging to leading law firms -, for the solution of any problems that may emerge during the investigation.

The technical due diligence

It is conducted with the support of qualified technicians and allows you to verify that the property complies with the law from the structural and plant engineering point of view.

It is therefore a matter of verifying the conditions of the asset and that it is in compliance with all the building and urban planning requirements provided for by Italian legislation.


The Firm provides international customers with advice and assistance in corporate matters from the preliminary phase of the company’s establishment, supporting them in the analysis and in the choice of the legal form that best suits their needs. The Firm ensures compliance of the company statute and the articles of association with the law and regulatory requirements, as well as the correct choice of the corporate object and the operating structure of the legal entity in relation to the specific needs of the customer and the concrete possibilities offered by Italian legislation.


We support international customers at all stages of the establishment process, from the choice of the operating model, to the conclusion of the articles of association, directly managing the issues related to obligations, procedures, timing and language. The Firm is also responsible, directly and through its partners, for the management of post-establishment obligations, including registration to the Chambers of Commerce, the formalization of corporate resolutions, the sale and acquisition of companies and shareholdings, dealing with all the procedures, formalities and bureaucratic issues necessary to start a business in Italy.

Establishment of SPV (Special Purpose Vehicles)

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a particular type of company which has as its exclusive object the purchase of finance or other financial assets sold by banks or other intermediaries (donor lenders) and which, in the face of these transactions, issues marketable securities, and is created for a specific purpose (risk management, securitisation, asset transfer, etc.). Regardless of the reasons for which a SPV is established, its structure must be solid and efficient. The Firm provides full support for the establishment of the legal entity and ongoing advice to governance in the areas of its competence.