Get the knowledges to protect yourself


Knowledge is undoubtedly one of the main means of defence against possible abuses. Unconsciousness and incompetence are often exploited to perpetrate abuse and violence, which are not only physical, against the weakest people, among whom there are often women. That’s when it becomes important to know how to protect yourself.

It is necessary to have a “toolbox of information and skills”, containing the appropriate tools to deal with the main – and sometimes crucial – personal, economic choices, to avoid errors and damage, often destined to persist over time. Often we talk about economic violence: this occurs when women are isolated, deprived of their resources, excluded from decisions concerning family life. It can happen that from economic violence comes psychological violence and physical violence. The aim is to provide women with tools of co-knowledge to prevent abuse, facilitate participation in the world of work and help achieve true gender equality. The realization of a vademecum can be of help, providing simple notions, to be deepened, if necessary, in an interview with the Notary, who will be able to advise and give clarifications in relation to the specific needs manifested.